Area's of Competition

Interview 25%- Delegates may wear a suit or dress.
Contestants will be judge on Personality, Poise and Speaking Ability.


Dressy Wear 25%- Delegates may wear Dressy Pants Suit or Cocktail Dress. Delegates will be judge on Style,Height in proportion to weight, Personality and Choice of Outfit.

Evening Gown 25%- Delegates must wear a floor length gown of their choice. Contestants will be judge on Beauty, Poise,Height in proportion to weight, Personality and Stage Presentation.

Photogenic 25%- Photo will be judge on Photogenic Appeal, Photo Quality, Clarity, Beauty of face, Personality and Grooming.

Color or Black & White Photo of your choice. At least 5x7, no larger than 8x10.



All delegate can earn up to 5 bonus points. For each appearance a delegate makes, she will earn half a point (.50). However, you must make a minimum of 5 appearances before the bonus points go into effect. A total of 15 appearances will give you the 5 bonus points. All photo's must be a live action shot.